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tip of the Spear

Cults of the Wastelands

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The Free Mutants  
The Factions
Free Mutants The League of Free Mutants is a loose confederation of clans that seek to live free from servitude as soldier slaves. Created by the Xenopods in the years following the Cataclysm, the mutants were used as fodder to fight the forces of the Machine Empire. The core DNA was human, but enhancements were made by adding other genetic material to create races of super soldiers. The pinnacles of the Xenopod’s efforts were creation of the so called Giants and Dragons. Giants are 15 foot tall humanoids with super strength, enhanced reflexes and exceptional constitutions. Capable of firing tank cannon as personal weapons the Giants make the ultimate shock troops. Dragons were the result of combining human and reptilian DNA to create a creature that is deadly fast, well armored, and highly mobile. Dragons are the perfect beasts for surviving in the harsh conditions of the Wastelands. Mutant troops thrive in the wastelands. Many can operate behind enemy lines without supplies and Mutants generally move faster than almost any comparable enemy units, except specialized recon forces. Although the Mutants shun aircraft, they have developed powerful counters to their enemy’s air capabilities. Swarms of mutants volley firing shoulder launched surface to air missiles can devastate an incoming attack wave in seconds. Mutants also have access to excellent genetic technology card creation abilities. The Mutant player can use hit and run tactics to keep his opponents off balance and then quickly move troops in for a killing blow.  

Empire of Man
Empire of Man

The Xenopods

machine Empire
Machine Empire

Free Mutants
The Free Mutants



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