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Cults of the Wastelands

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When Armies Collide
Armies are represented by rectangular playing pieces on the board. Each army can contain 1 hero and up to 8 units (cards) but you will have to be careful not to exceed your hero’s command rating or their attack, defense and movement will suffer. When two non-stealthed armies meet in a hex a battle ensues. These battles can encompass multiple stacks of armies so you are first given the chance to determine the order in which they will fight. Battles are army versus army until one side is destroyed, gutted (only a leader remains) or retreated by their owner. The player remaining on the battle field with a combat capable army is the winner and gains control of the hex. Any surviving defeated units are subjected to a retreat attack if they opted to retreat and their heroes may be captured or killed in the rout. Capturing enemy heroes is particularly advantageous as they are interred in the nearest friendly stronghold or outpost and generate 1 bonus Action Point per player turn.

battle module

Ground Combat is a brutal affair. Just like air attacks, your card’s attack strength is represented by die on the horizontal rolling area. The target’s defense strength is represented below yours by the die on the lower rolling area. Both players roll their die, count the successes and then try and modify the results. If the attack roll is greater than the defense roll then the difference is applied as damage to the defender. Once a unit attacks or performs a special ability it is marked as committed and may not take any further actions until the next round. Players take turns attacking or playing abilities until the end of the round is reached. Both players then have the chance to assess the situation and either withdraw the currently active armyground combat (each unit is subjected to a free attack), retreat all armies (again a free attack is taken as well as a capture/kill attempt for any heroes without units in their army) or continue the fight. If both sides elect to retreat than no free attacks are taken.

To win the struggle for the wasteland you must occupy or destroy each of your enemies’ strongholds. It sounds simple enough but there are many paths to achieve that objective. You can wage a brutal straight forward ground campaign, develop a secret weapon in your laboratories and vaporize your enemy, or use stealth and sabotage to eliminate your enemy. The choice is up to you but keep in mind your enemies will be moving against you as well. All it takes is one good nuke to ruin your day.

Iron Man
Real Warlords of the Wastes don’t reload. You can choose to play an Iron Man game and then you can only save the game to a unique name when you quit. Each turn is auto-saved so there is no going back.

There are many more features than those listed here. Supply rules, reconnaissance and observation rules, assassination, sabotage, espionage, advanced weapons and armor attachments, secret weapon card creation, and thermonuclear weapons…..yes you can even drop a 80 Megaton City Killer on a hex and vaporize everything in it…..unless of course a facility there has a “hardened” special ability, then it just has to survive some nasty dice rolls.



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