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When you purchase this game,  both the Cults of the Wastelands and Tip of The Spear expansion packs are included in your download.

tip of the Spear

Cults of the Wastelands

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How do I start a new game?
In order to start a new game you must first have created a faction deck of cards. With this in mind you must click on the “New Game” button on the main menu.
New Game Settings Screen
New Game Settings

Then you will have to select the game parameters. The parameters for “Card Points” and “Tile Points” will determine which decks are eligible for selection when you click on the “Select Deck Button.”
Select Deck Screen
Select Deck

Clicking on the “Select Deck Button” brings up a dialogue box which presents decks which are valid for the current parameters.

Left click on the name of the deck that you wish to play to select it on the menu. Then left click on the “Select” button to choose the deck and close the dialogue box.
Deck Info Screen
Deck Info

You can also change the “Map Size”, “Specials Frequency” and “Resources Frequency” on the "New Game Settings" screen. You will also want to select the number and faction of the AI opponents you will battle. Once this is set the “Start Game” button will be activated and you can click on it to proceed.
Clicking on the “Start Game” button brings up the “Determine Tile Lay Order” screen. Each deck of cards also contains hexagon tiles which are laid down by each player onto the game board before the start of the game. Players roll dice to determine the order in which the tiles are laid. Clicking on the “Roll Die” button starts the dice rolling until a winner is determined.
tile order
Determine Lay Tile Order

Once the order has been determined players take turns laying tiles until there are no more tiles in their hands. When it is your turn to lay a tile the info area next to your faction’s name will change from displaying “waiting” to a button labeled “Lay Tiles.” At this point you click on the “Lay Tiles” button to gain permission to place the tile. Now you can click on a tile displayed at the bottom the screen and drag it onto the game map. You must release the mouse button with the cursor over the map hexagon in which you wish to place the tile. The map hexagon must be colored green in order to be a valid hex. As you place tiles onto the game board more game hexagons will be turned green in new adjacent locations.

Drag and Drop
Drag and Drop
Once all players’ tiles have been place the game will prompt you to place your Stronghold card onto a tile that you have laid on the map. When the stronghold card appears you must left click on it and then drag it over the desired tile. By releasing the mouse button with the cursor over the target tile you will place the stronghold card onto the game board. Two new icons will now appear representing your new base and the default garrison that is created there.
Drag and Drop Stronghold
Drag and Drop Stronghold

In order to start the game you must click on the “Start Game” button in the top right corner of the screen. The rest of the terrain, resources and specials will be generated by the computer and the determination of the initiative for the first round of turns will commence.


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