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When you purchase this game,  both the Cults of the Wastelands and Tip of The Spear expansion packs are included in your download.

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Cults of the Wastelands

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How do I move an army on the map?
To move an army on the map you must have enough action points available. The cost to move an army is generally equal to the total number of hero and unit cards in the army. This can sometimes be less if one or more unit cards in the army have the “rapid reaction” special ability which negates the cost of moving that particular card. To initiate a move you must RIGHT click on the army icon. An info pad will appear presenting all the options for armies represented by the icon.
info pad
Right Click Army Info Pad
Armies besides a garrison will have a move option presented. If the army has already moved or not enough action points are available then the text will be colored red. Black text indicates that the army can conduct a movement operation. Displayed next to the army’s name are a red icon indicating the action point cost to move the army and a brown icon indicating the number of movement points available to the army. Left click on the army name text to activate the movement option. Once a movement option is selected it cannot be undone so choose carefully. Upon clicking the army name text an army icon will jump to the mouse pointer and follow it around. Also displayed on the game map is an overlay indicating valid movement options.
Valid Movement Options
Before any hex has been selected you will notice a ring of green hexes around the original hex in which the army was located, which is now colored orange. This ring indicates the adjacent hexes which are valid targets for movement. For the initial movement of an army it also represents the minimum permissible hex movement rate per turn. Any army can move at least one hex per turn regardless of the movement points available and the cost of the terrain. For example if the army only had a single movement point per turn but the adjacent hex was mountains which costs 3 movement points to enter, it could still move into that hex.
Click on Adjacent Hex
If the army can move further than the adjacent hexes then permissible moves are displayed in yellow with a number indicating the minimum movement point cost required to reach the hex. To move the army you must click the mouse cursor with the army icon attached on a green hex adjacent to the orange hex in which the army originated its move.

The army icon will now appear in the new hex and the movement overlay will update to reflect the expenditure of movement points for movement into the new hex. If any further movement can be conducted a ring of green hexes will be displayed around the new hex as well as yellow hexes indicating further moves available. Movement may be interrupted and a dialogue box displayed if the moving army encounters an enemy army or a “special” in the hex.

NOTE: At any time during your move while the army icon is attached to the mouse cursor you can right click to end the movement and the army will remain in the last hex that it entered.


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