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Cults of the Wastelands

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How do I conduct an air attack?
To conduct an air attack you must have an attack card in your hand and sufficient action points and energy resources available. Each attack card has a range printed in the bottom left corner of the card.
attack card
Attack Card Examples

The target hex for the attack must be within the attack card’s range from a friendly outpost or stronghold. The terrain type of the tile hexes is not a consideration when a path is traced to the target hex in order to determine the range. The hex that you wish to target also must have a spotted enemy army or facility present. If one is not present the attack card gets to make a 1 die observation check in the hex to find any targets (unless it has a recce special ability in which case it gets to use the ability’s observation strength). You can initiate the attack by left clicking on the attack card in your hand and while holding down the mouse button drag the card from your hand and release it with the mouse pointer over the target hex. If the attack card does not have the “precision targeting” special ability, a dialogue box will appear offering you a selection of armies and/or a random facility opportunity as targets to attack. You will not be able to choose the exact unit or facility card as a target and it will be chosen randomly from the army you select or the base in general.
choose target
Choose A Target NOT precision

If the attack card does have the “precision targeting” special ability then you will first be offered a dialogue box with a listing of armies and individual facilities. Left clicking on a facility selects that particular facility. If an army is selected you are then prompted to specify a particular unit card within the army.

To initiate the “Air to Ground” challenge you must first left click on a target in the text pad thereby selecting it and turning the text red. You must then left click on the “Select” button to commence the challenge.
air to ground
Choose A Unit Card Air to Ground


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