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When you purchase this game,  both the Cults of the Wastelands and Tip of The Spear expansion packs are included in your download.

tip of the Spear

Cults of the Wastelands

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How do I sabotage an enemy facility?
To initiate a “Sabotage” challenge you must have an army with a hero card or unit card that has the “Saboteur” special ability located in the same hex with an enemy facility. An army comprised of a single hero card does not need to be stealthed but such status will help immensely with avoiding detection and possible capture. An army with unit cards in it must be stealthed otherwise the target facility will be captured or destroyed if there are no enemy armies in the hex capable of exerting control (see the section of the game manual dealing with hex control for more information). You must also have sufficient action points available (usually 4 points).
Right Click Sabotage Option
Left click on the army icon containing your saboteur card to bring up the “View Army” interface. Left click on the army text containing the saboteur card to highlight it in red and to display the card in the army. Now you must right click on the card with the “Saboteur” special ability to display an info pad that allows access to the cards special ability actions. If a valid target exists in the hex then an entry will appear labeled “Sabotage” followed by a red icon indicating the action point cost.

If sufficient action points are available the text will be colored black. Otherwise the text will be colored red. By clicking on the black text you will initiate the “Sabotage” challenge. NOTE: If more than one valid facility target is available in the hex then a random target will be chosen. If the saboteur has the “Master Saboteur” special ability then a dialogue box will appear to offer the saboteur a choice of targets.


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